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To enhance the development of the biobased economy, interdisciplinary research between areas such as biotechnology, bioinformatics, agricultural, (bio-)chemistry and engineering is mandatory.

ceebioDB, an initiative of the Development Agency East Flanders,  gives access to public data on researchers and companies active in many domains of the biobased economy.

Are you curious about how the data in the ceebioDB is gathered? You can find some details about this exciting step-by-step innovative process below.

ceebioDB: a chain of innovative concepts…

Technically seen, ceebioDB is above all a data integrator. Therefore, the first step comprises the capturing of data from many different and divergent sources like publication and project databases, news and media, custom spreadsheets and much more. All these data are integrated and coupled to obtain a complete and standardized view on the bioeconomy in Flanders. The integration step is a recurrent process and monitors sources to catch up with updates.

After the integration is completed, a quality assessment engine inspects the data and reports possible data flaws such as duplicates, inconsistencies and missing data among others. This report is inspected and action is taken to improve data quality where possible. At the end of this second step, data of the highest possible quality is obtained.

In a third step, gathered data are processed with a state-of-the-art, graph based, text analysis algorithm that harvests relevant conceptual terms from the data that can be matched against a central, standardized taxonomy. The harvested terms provide a deeper insight in the data, allow for further analysis and reporting and are used to standardize the answers to search queries launched on the ceebio website.

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